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Big Rock private limited has taken upon investing in Digital asset class that are shaping the future of the economy, that is the cryptocurrency. As the society and companies nowadays are moving swiftly towards the direction of having/investing a digital currency (crypto currency), which would eventually be the next form of currencies for all of the products in the future. Big Rock Private Limited has reserved the methodology of investing in a digital currency due to its transformative technology which would revolutionize many industries. As of now Big Rock Private limited invested in a coin called YachtX coin and has already bought 100% of the initial tranche of coins on its private sales round. With the recent success of the YachtX coin, Big Rock Private Limited are able to allocate more of the funds earned from investing in digital currency (YachtX coin) and able to fund several projects along the way.

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Big Rock Private limited recent investment was with YachtX coin where the company has bought 100% of the initial tranche of coins in the Private sales. As of that , YachtX coin has been successful with its initial launch. YachtX coin had a very successful launch on the 27th of February. Due to the heavily endorsed marketing planning and appropriate gestures, YachtX coin was able to have a tremendous initial opening in PancakeSwap. It has shown that YachtX coin are growing and showing their potential in the crypto currency world.

What is YachtX coin?

YachtX coin helps in reconstructing your holidays by making things cheaper simultaneously allowing our customers to get the best service experience. In the past, luxury travelers would typically have relied on a specialist travel agency to organize their travel, making it easier to make a single payment in their home currency. YachtX coin provides the customers with an unlimited discount and with the amounts an individual holds they shall receive a certain amount of NFTs in regards to their possession of YachtX coin. This can be later used as a discount method in areas of tourism such as booking flights, hotel and villas accommodation, yacht booking, etc. Make your holidays easier with unlimited discounts

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